Happy Ninja

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Pel­len­te­sque habi­tant mor­bi tri­sti­que senec­tus et netus et male­su­ada fames ac tur­pis ege­stas. Vesti­bu­lum tor­tor quam, feu­giat vitae, ultri­cies eget, tem­por sit amet, ante. Donec eu libe­ro sit amet quam ege­stas sem­per. Aene­an ultri­cies mi vitae est. Mau­ris pla­ce­rat ele­ifend leo.

2 reviews for Happy Ninja

  1. Andrew
    1 out of 5


    I bought this thin­king it was a nice gre­en colo­ur, appa­ren­tly it GREY! I’m colo­ur blind so I don’t care but my girl­friend says grey makes me look fat

  2. Maria
    5 out of 5


    I love grey hoodies! This is per­fect with my grey Nin­ja shirt, when I get cold I throw this on and I can still be a Nin­ja.

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